I believe that art should strive to be beautiful and is a gift from the Original Artist/ Creator Who passes on a ray of creativity to humanity. I also believe that each person is creative in his own way, whether it is expressed through scientific advances or preparing a fine meal. I believe that creativity involves an ethic which is for the common good and the striving for beauty is a pathway on our journey back to God.

Since childhood I have been drawn to art. My early training was in Abstract Expressionism, but as I grew older I came to appreciate the more solid foundation of the traditional. My challenge today is to build on tradition with a nod toward the impressionistic style with its emphasis on light and color and shimmering quality suggesting mystery. I am influenced by the old masters and artists such as Turner, Sargent, Sorolla and the French and American impressionists.

I work in landscape, figure and (the best wine for last) liturgical and devotional art. As a Catholic convert I am continually amazed at the rich storehouse of sacred/religious art over the centuries and the rich heritage of sacred symbols.

The object of liturgical art is to serve the public liturgy by inspiring a sense of the sacred through transcendent beauty. It may also inspire devotion and contemplative prayer which enriches the life of the community and the individual. Although distinct, yet connected, both are needed. Liturgical art helps define, preserve and reflect on a rich 2,000 year history of symbols along with a vast storehouse of images which helps us to stay rooted in tradition with some freedom to be innovative in our own time in terms of style.

I feel that we need a renewal of the arts in a culture where we are bombarded by so much negative visual stimuli and distractions. Simone Weil once said that the two things which most move the human soul are beauty and affliction. I find that art and particularly sacred/religious art helps in getting beyond ourselves through an ethic of creativity which views reality through the lens of the Cross and Resurrection. I believe that the ethics of creativeness for the common good, is prophetic and is social in import. I hope the style of impressionism will impart a sense of beauty and mystery in helping to lay hold of a new springtime of faith initiated by Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis. Remembering the words of St. Augustine, “Beauty ever ancient, ever new” bids us to the Banquet Table to eat and drink and be healed and set free to love and serve and work and play and rest in the outskirts of the New Jerusalem.

B.A. and M.A. in art from George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
Field in Philosophy – Vanderbilt University
Post-grad in art – Boston University
M.S. in Human Services – Murray State University, Murray, KY
Workshops in Art – Carolyn Anderson, Jason Saunders, Joy Thomas
Exhibitions – numerous juried shows and galleries in KY, TN, IN, MASS, TEXAS, GERMANY
New York, New York, 85th Grand National Exhibition, www.americanartistprofessionalleague.org
St. Mary's School, Sewanee, Tennessee
Workshop teacher in Plein Air oil painting
Old Testament Program from Loyola University facilitated by Sr. Mary Ann Yanz
New Testament – facilitated by Sr. Julia Head. OSU
Little Rock Scripture Study
   Spiritual Life, Faith Formation, Art and Environment Committees – St. Leo Catholic Church in Murray, KY
Workshop in liturgical art – Peter Mazaar, author of To Crown the Church Year
Retreats: St. Meinrad Archabbey and Seminary, St. Meinrad, IN
                 Christ and Creativity – Fr. Noel Mueller, OSB
                 Heart of Creativity—Br. Michael Malone, CP
                 Beauty as a Pathway to the Spiritual I and II – Br. Martin Erspamer, OSB
                 Praying the Bible: Lectio Divina - Br. Zachary Wilberding, OSB.
Ten week study of Catholicism – Fr. Robert Barron
Prophet Priest and King Study - Bishop Robert Barron
Kentucky Arts Council Access Grant, On Spirituality and Healing, Murray and Calloway County,
Endowment for Health Care, w/Keith Travis, Vice President of Development.
Murray Writers Support Group
Exhibition at Broadway First Unitied Methodist Church, Paducah, Kentucky
Widow of Dr. Joseph T. Fuhrmann, Professor Emeritus of Russian History at Murray State University and author of books about Gregory Rasputin.
Two grown children – Maria, son-in law Keith and Christopher, daughter-in-law Tiffany, three grandchildren. Owner of Frappe and Patches, dappled dachunds.

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