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Christ The King, oil on linen, 36' by 24", NFS
     This was a common idea in medieval times. Known as “Christ in Majesty,” it was often found on portals of Cathedrals, stained glass windows and in paintings such as the Book of Kells. In 1925 the idea became a feast day known as “Christ the King.” The close of the church year shows Christ the King dressed in royal purple, hand held in the gesture of teacher and as the fulfilment of the Law. He is enthroned over a rainbow, symbol of the old covenant, and the world is His footstool. Christ is surrounded by the four canonical gospels symbolized by four living creatures that surround God’s throne as described in Ezekiel 1: 1-15 and Revelation 4:7.
      Matthew: a winged man; starts with the genealogy of Jesus and His
           participation in humanity;
      Mark: a winged lion; starts with John the Baptist crying in the
           wilderness pointing to Christ as courageous and royal;
      Luke: a winged ox or bull; a figure of sacrifice, bearer of burdens, service and strength;
      John: eagle; soaring, mystical, connected more with the Ascension and heaven.
      The bottom scene depicts the Last Judgment. The King is also a shepherd/ King of mercy and love. Each of us is irreplaceable and non-transferable. The door to faith is open to join the sheep.

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